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high performance materials, thermal stress tests and cross section analysis.
AOI (Automated Optical Inspecion).
Flying Probe Electrical Test. 

- Via in pad: plated vias located on SMDs pads, can be filled and surface plated.

- Blind via: plated vias connecting one external layer to inner layers.
- Buried via: plated vias connecting only inner layers.

Edge and slot plated:

Cavities: openings in the PCB to allow access to inner layers.

Groove: different thicknesses in the same board.

Countersink, plated or not:

Controlled impedance: Continuous testing – Records with lines down to 2 mils.
TDR testing 

Antennas and RF: Fabrication of boards for RF application, micro-wave: special substrates, hybrid stackups. 

Flex (FPCB): Coverlay, flex soldermask, stiffener, double sided tape
Fabrication of flex circuits (FPCB): flex to install and/or function.

Rigid-flex: Fabrication of rigid-flex PCBs: flex to install and/or functionality

Exotic substrates: PTFE boards (Rogers RO3000 series, Diclad, Cuclad): boards with PTH.

Backdrilling: partial removal of plating in vias to required layer for improved electrical signal integrity in high speed circuits.

Castellated vias: PTH at the board edges, for use in board-on-board or specific connectors. 

Landless via: vias fabricated without lands, allowing higher density of conductors.